Monday, May 21, 2007

Radioactive dye anyone?

So tomorrow morning at 8:15am sharp (yeah right, I know hospitals the work on a different clock than the rest of us) I get to be injected with radioactive dye and stuck into a doughnut shaped machine that will put thousands of xrays into parts very close to some of the most favorite parts I own. Anyone wanna join me?

Didn't think so. Ok so I often browse CNN and MSNBC online and have a laugh at some of the headlines and stories. I think it would be fun if I made this a nightly thing on my blog....... my takes on the news.

Gas at record high again- Well there's something new. Supply and demand.
Oh how I wish I had stock in oil. Do you have any idea how much money it costs to fill a 42 gallon gas tank? No, didn't think so. That's ok........... I like walking anyway. I heard the dumbest thing on the news the other night. The station did an online poll asking people if gas prices would affect them going on vacation this summer......... 60% said no. Think about that for a minute will you........... out of 100 people that would go on vacation this summer, FOURTY of them aren't going! And even the 60 that ARE going, do you think they will be spending money at little mom and pop touristy shops? Patronizing our rowdy little hick taverns? Going out for dinners at our struggling restaraunts who also get hit with the gas gouge in the form of food delivery costs? I don't think so. So those 60 will be here, but they won't be buying anything....... something tells me the word DEPRESSION is going to have a whole new meaning soon.

Sound sleeper snoozes through gunshot wound to the head - Seriousely people. I would think getting shot in the head would be a preeeeeeetty darn good reason to GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED!

Viagra helps jet-lagged hamsters recover faster - Should I even contemplate what would have made some scientist think of Viagra when suffering jet lag? Yeah I think I'll just clear that one from my fragile mind.

Goo from patients blood may help speed healing- Yeah, it's called PLATELETS genius.......

Just a few of those for tonight. I'm actually rather tired. Did anyone watch Oprah today? the tapeworm? Does anyone wonder if they might have one of those swimming around in thier gut right now.......... can you almost FEEL it? Do you want to hit me yet?

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Anonymous said...

42 gallons is what i think my tank holds, but we pay by the litre. At the moment its around 139.9 per litre (thats cents, and how we price petrol as we call it)

my tank i think holds 180 litres which is roughly i think 42 gallons ( i think 1 usa gallon is 3.7 or 3.79 litres you do the math)

As for the tape worm thanks,!!!!!

(i can feel it squirming already)