Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ok enough about politics. Who likes politics anyway? Buncha elephants and Jackasses.

Final note on the subject (well, for now hehe) I don't expect you to vote or not vote for someone simply because I say so. What I ask of you is to consider what could happen to our country if 1/4 of the things I've said in the last 2 entries are correct. Then do the research yourself and decide if it's a risk you are willing to take. That's all. And to those of you who have said to me, in more words or less that you want people to make informed decisions, well we have something in common! The difference between us is that I want them to make informed decisions based on having ALL the information and you want them to make decisions based on the information you are willing to share with them. If this weren't true you wouldn't be so upset that I posted the information I did.

As you can tell there was no weekends are for pictures this week. I am working on some pics for other people and mine have been pushed to the back burner for now I'm afraid. Hopefully next weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Kat!!!!!!

I think if more people would do some investigating themselves we might all find a better America to live in. I too am not a huge fan of Obama or Clinton. Yet they are the two in my party to vote for. I might have to cross over to becoming a Republican... Anyways....the great thing about being American is that we have freedom of speech and the freedom to vote... You might get hate mail or what have you have a right to post what you will about what ever candidate..If some of the hate mailers would read up on their candidates maybe they too would realize they are not what they are all cracked up to be...Each one tells a different story than who they really are...Check Clinton..I'm sure you can find many lies she has told...What about McCain..We all have skeletons in our closets...What makes anyone think that a presidential candidate wouldn't? The job WE have as AMERICANS is to weed out the bad and hope for a good when we cast our vote. I too am not sure who I will vote for at the November election....maybe I will write your name down too...Keep up the great posting..I always find things intresting when I stop by...And to all the haters...Check up on your candidate..if you feel they are the best to get the job done...write their name down and hope in the next 4-8 years we are not in the same situation we are with the Bush's in the White House...As we as Americans didn't vote for him once...but TWICE!