Thursday, April 10, 2008

What he hell month is it?

Cause I thought it was april, the middle of freaking April at that. And here we are staring down a freaking blizzard! Someone pull mother nature's head out of her butt please? She obviousely can't see the calendar!

Not much else to report. Had my annual girly exam today which is always a great time. The midwife and I were contemplating as to what the statistics might be on mothers who have many children and heart attack numbers after she was listening to my super strong, marathon runner slow heartrate. Because if you think about it, pregnancy is like training for a marathon, maybe we have stronger hearts because of it? Who knows.

Anyway. I was thrilled to hear that everything looks good and not pregnant lol I mean I totally trust in God's divine judgement on the whole thing but It wouldn't hurt my feelings to have a few more months. I'm sure if she'd have told me I were pregnant I'd be just as thrilled though.

Poor Shaylin fell yesterday at school and did some crazy scuffing to both knees, one elbow, and one hand. She's covered in bandaids and can hardly walk for the pain. I feel sooooo bad for her! On Saturday she has her photo shoot for the pageant, I hope she's feeling better so she can have some fun with it.

Anyway, off to curse mother nature and clean my house

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