Sunday, April 13, 2008

A social experiment

You know, sometimes this blog is just that. It's not intended to be by any means but it ends up being that way. It fascinates me when certain chords are struck just how much of a wad people can get their underwear bunched up into. It also fascinates me at the different ways they go about it.

Some people get angry and namecall
Some people act holier than thou about the whole thing
Some people try to convince you why you are wrong and they are right

It's all very fascinating. Just my own little social experiment here on my little blog.

This post is right up there in the running for the title of "post to illicit the most hate-mails". I did read them all, rest assured. I didn't feel the need to respond to each individually but the ones that were well thought and written with a shred of intelligence I did, so if you didn't get a response from me...... pull your head out of your ass ok?

Anyway, so I'm not surprised at the crazy outcry. What I don't understand is why people LIKE this guy so much? Why people will wait in line for HOURS to get tickets to listen to him, worse yet, drag children to listen to him. That's some brainwashing at it's best my friends. Create another generation of people who think racism, elitism, and jackass-ism are ok. Anyone read revelations? That book at the end of the bible? Yeah, ya should. Really. Might actually sound........ familiar.

I am afraid for this country. I am afraid for my children to inherit what this country is becoming. I don't know that any president could turn everything around, too much damage has been done. But I do know that without a strong, FAIR, experienced leader we are in serious trouble. And by the way, to a few of you who wondered......... I am not really behind any candidate at this moment. I don't think any of them are that great. So this is not about me pushing my pick on anyone.

Just another little ditty of an observation. I recently spoke to someone, and know a few others that fit this bill too who will be voting for Obama. She also voted for Bush and stomped on anyone who didn't love him to death. 2 years ago she had an epiphany and decided Bush is evil......... but she's SURE this time. Really.

Oh hey, btw. Did you hear what dumbass Obama said in Indiana? The funny thing is, as with Bush, all we have to do is let them talk for a while and their true colors shine through. Keep talkin Obama, keep talkin.

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smileyes said...

Wow - i am surprised that anyone (the friend that you mentioned) that voted for Bush would even consider voting for Obama - they are so far the opposite!