Friday, April 11, 2008

So far we haven't gotten a smidgen of the snow they said we would, but it just started snowing again so I'll wait to gloat until after the watch is over. I talked to Austin's bio father in Superior a couple hours ago and he said that everything is shut down up there. Now, when people in Superior and Duluth can't traverse the roads, that's some wicked weather! Apparently they are having 60+ mph windds and stuff which is likely the driving problem, the high bridge doesn't like wind. I know, I've been on it while it's windy. Nothing will quite freak you out like coming onto a bridge high over Lake Superior and seeing a flashing sign (CAUTION: HIGH WIND! Bridge may sway) yeah THAT sounds like fun! Now this is probably pretty common for those of you in Cali with suspension bridges, but our bridges are NOT suspension bridges. They aren't made to sway! Ok, maybe a little but it's still enough to give me panic attacks and a couple years of a xanax prescription.

I've been telling my husband for weeks not to buy milk with growth hormones in it. I've always been concerned about them but a few weeks ago I literally woke up in a cold sweat at 3am unable to go back to sleep because of growth hormones in the milk. Don't ask me why I do these things, I just do.

So. he usually goes to the store because quite frankly I'm too lazy. There I said it. I'm too lazy to go to the store but when I request something specific I expect it to be in my house when you return. Too much to ask? I'ts normally not an issue because I have the greatest husband on the planet who rarely makes mistakes and is almost never wrong. And we'll just let him keep beleiving that.

Well this milk issue has been........ and issue. See, we live in this godforsaken, small ass, redneck as you can get in the north, town where people go to the local bar for burgers loaded with peanut butter and a beer gut is a status symbol. It's not really the easiest place on earth to find anything that is good for you. I'm not even joking, if your husband doesn't have a BMI of at least 42 the women in town shake their heads when you walk by noting your failure to keep your husband fed and healthy.

So, I've been asking my husband to make sure he gets 3 things when he goes to the store. Sara Lee whole grain white bread, antibiotic free poultry, and milk without growth hormones in it. Every time he has returned home to tell me they don't carry either item and ya know, I beleived him because it wouldn't be that far fetched to think you may not find these things in greasy burger land.

So i've been traveling 20 miles every week for my beloved Sara Lee Whole grain white bread, antibiotic free poultry and milk without growth hormone. Stupid, stupid girl.

Today I went to the store myself (partly to escape mr crabbyass who is quitting smoking and not the most pleasant person to spend time with) and what do I find? All 3 of these items in our local store. They weren't even out of reach, hiding behind other items or ANYTHING. UGH.

But ya know, the nice wife that I am, I'm not even going to make an issue of it. Maybe this is motivation for me to get off my ass and do my own shopping. Yeah, that'll happen.

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cindys_weight_loss_blog said...

in our house i do the shopping, either alone or with up to four kids in tow (Fun, yeah right)

i dont like sending hubby to the store cause he usually picks up x amount of crap like donuts, cakes, ready made pizza and icky stuff like that. He would love your town.

the thing is if i cook him yummy healthy stuff he eats it happily, just to lazy to source it.

i tend to write detailed lists with the brand name of what i want and the size for him.

if i ring on the way home he rings at the store and confirms he hasnt forgotten anything. then he will ask me do i want skim (no fat) milk, or 1%, then he will read a few labels and argue about others having the same fat content (yes honey but its the saturated fat you look at).

i dont mind shopping alone, dont particulary like taking the kids when their in feral mode though.

i ve been buying free range eggs now @ 4.50 - 5.oo a dozen. i am thinking of going to organic free range but their like 10 bucks a dozen and i dunno if we could afford that long term.

i kinda wish we lived on a farm or land so i could keep a few chooks, knowing my luck i'd kill them.