Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Please forgive me for I have sinned

Ok, so if you know me you may well know that I'm a bit of a homebody. I am like...... I don't know some sitcom mom baking and cooking and laundering (that sounds criminal) and whatever else. Well except for the whole immaculately clean house thing, cause I'm not entirely sure my house has ever been immaculately clean. It's just not a priority folks. We don't wallow in filth (most of the time) but ya know, I love lived in clutter, it makes me feel at peace.

Anyway, so it's a rare occasion I actually go out and do something. So when my wonderful friend emailed me yesterday and mentioned that we should go out for dinner and a drink I decided that yeah, we should. And we did.

So we got all wild and crazy......... wait no, that didn't happen, stick to the story Kat. We went to the pub/whatever it is my husband works at and we bellied up to the bar. Now, the last time I've had my belly to a bar was......... oh gosh I don't even remember. Since I was being all free and easy....... wait that's not true either. Gosh I'm just the queen of sinning with all these lies. Seince I was out of my element being AT a bar and sitting AT a bar I decided that the next thing to do would be ......... it.........

I ordered a drink. WITH ALCHOHOL IN IT! The kind that you have to show ID for! Good lord next thing you know I'm going to be flashing strangers at mardi gras. Ok probably not.

And I didn't stop at one. I had THREE. THREE ENTIRE ALCHOHOLIC DRINKS IN ONE SITTING. And a "skipper burger" with fries, but that's not new. I actually drank and wouldn't you know it, when you haven't drank but one a night here and there for years. You get DRUNK. Good lord I was drunk off 3 drinks. And it wasn't like they were super strong drinks, they were pre-bottled stuff.

But it was worth it. I had a few hours with a wonderful friend and talked about grown up things and laughed and discussed insignificant things and important things and deep tearful things and silly goofball things. Sure, we talked about kids, parents do that. But we had adult conversation and it was wonderful.

I need to do that more often. Not necessarily getting drunk (which wasn't so much fun later when I was laying on the living room floor trying to watch Hell's Kitchen because sitting on the couch was so far away I coudln't see straight), but getting out, spending time with a great friend who I've sadly neglected too much, and just being a grown up instead the gnome I've become.

Today is a good day. I'm no longer drunk thank goodness and the furniture store returned my wonderful comfy, oversized recliner with heat and massage that they were fixing. It's a good day my friends.


Jena9286 said...

Congrats Kat! Last month I went to Minneapolis and stayed over night without kids. It has been at least 5 years since I did that, well unless I was in the hospital having another kid. I also went to a drag show and Sex World. I think I may sinned more than you. But congrats and it's good to get out without the kids and relax. Hope you get to do it again soon!

Anonymous said...

Yayy Kat!!! You had some ADULT time! My offer for an Eau Claire karaoke night still stands girlie!! We dont have the best accomadations but we have a fabulous aero-bed you could crash on:)


Trista said...

WOW...where was I??