Monday, December 15, 2008

Catch up

So, let me take you through last week, which was really interesting to say the least.

Monday we went shopping with my mom. While at Walmart I got one of my migraine Auras. (I often get them but thankfully for many years it's just been the aura and not a full on migraine). Monday night was Christian's christmas program and as always it was absolutely adorable.

Wednesday I went to work until about 12:30 and came home to get Hailey ready for the meeting with the restorative justice/teen court people. That went downright horribly. I think it all just kind of boiled to a head in that meeting and I lost it, the tears wouldn't stop flowing the entire 2 hours we were there. I'm sure they all thought I was absolutely positively insane. It's just been such a stressfull few weeks dealing with all of this, the frustration of it.

Mid meeting I get a phone call from work saying that OB is slammed and can I run the bereavement support group. Sure. No problem.

We finish the meeting at 6:15 with me telling Hailey that I think going through this process would benefit her in that she could have some closure and she and S could get some things on the table and live in this town without fear or hate or any of it. But in the end it's her choice. If she doesn't want to go through it I won't force her, she's been through enough. She chose to give it a try and we have teen court (where she will be "judged" for her offense by a jury of her peers) tomorrow night followed on Friday by a meeting with S and her foster mom.

We leave the meeting and head to the hospital to pick up the snacks for the group and then off to the church where the group is held. Craig met us there. Midway through the group I feel a horrible headache coming on and soon my telltale aura hits and I quickly deteriorated to it taking everything I had to fight throwing up. I ended up cutting it short and crawling into bed with my clothes on. I ended up calling into work Thursday.

Thursday I was tired but steadily improving. Stayed around the house and took it easy.

Friday at about noon while Craig was gone it hit again. The aura followed by the intense pressure in my head followed by the feeling I could vomit. Only this time it progressed into the world spinning and then starting to go black and when I stood up I would kind of tip over and stumble like a drunk person and bounce off the walls. It was time to go and get help.

Craig drove me to the ER where they started an IV and pumped fluids into me. Couldn't get the iv in the first spot and had to try the other hand. They gave me a dose of Reglan which gave me a huge panic attack and a bit of a scary drop in blood pressure but did help the headache a bit and took away the nausea. I came home and slept and rested all weekend.

Now my hands are covered with abnormally large and nasty bruises from the IV sticks that remind me of symptoms that led to my lupus work-up a few years ago that was too iffy to call either way. I think I might need to go back to the doctor....

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jay_say said...

WOW... what a tale... keep us posted on how you are doing. Good vibes being sent your way!