Thursday, December 11, 2008

So you know...

As much as I've always said that this blog is my venting place and what I express here are my opinions of the way I see things around me, a phone call got me thinking. While all that is true, this blog is mine and is my place, it is also a public blog that is not only read by people around the world (hi Aussie friends!) but also people within my own community. And as such I have a responsibility in preventing my words from feeding the rumor mill and potentially hurting the people with whom I share this little town.

I tend to get a little hot headed. Are you shocked? Well I do. And there are things that I don't always address when the time comes but that come boiling to the forefront when another situation strikes them up. And there are times I make assumptions without having all the facts. And sometimes I don't realize that what I write in my blog affects other people. I tend to see my blog as this small sheet of paper sitting on my desk where I write what I write to release it and it's over.

A couple posts ago I made reference to the child of someone involved in Hailey's school issue. It wasn't something that should have come out on this blog. It just shouldn't have. I have removed it from that post and apologized to that child's mother and addressed the concerns I had and left it in her moms court to deal with with her own child. Which is precisely what I should have done in the first place. I also took words from a situation involving that child and without getting both sides of the story formed my own assumptions. And I'm sorry for that as well.

I guess sometimes I get a bit of tunnel vision and see what I want to see. That's not fair.

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