Wednesday, December 3, 2008

how funny life is

Last night I had quite a long telephone conversation with an old friend I haven't talked to in many years. It was very neat to catch up on the goings on of changing families and find some clarity in situations I hadn't known much about, except through others. It's funny how things kind of come full circle like that. It made me realize how much I've grown over the years and how I still see people as who they were and am strangely surprised to see that they have grown as well.

Yesterday while I was at work Craig and Hailey went to the restraining order hearing. We didn't get it. The judge felt it wasn't necessary, and it probably isn't since we have taken the steps to remove Hailey from the situation. It's just so sad that we had to do that, that no one would do their jobs and help. Apparently when Hailey or Craig were on the stand talking to the judge the foster mom and the social worker were making snarky comments and pffft'ing. (nice word huh?) I'm very proud of Hailey and Craig that they remained calm and mature about it and didn't let it get to them.

Today, surprisingly I get a phone call from the teen court facilitator saying that the officer had very recently turned the case over to them. hmmm, interesting. A week ago he wasn't going to do anything and suddenly now it's in teen court? I'm not expecting much but everything that happens just goes to send a clear message to that girl that even if she can fool the social workers, her step mom, the principal, etc... you still have to face the music for your actions at the end of the day.

Poor Craig has a project ahead of him tomorrow, and Craig really doesn't like these kinds of projects. You see, our house is 124 years old. Yep, 124. You would never know it unless you had to look at the upstairs plumbing. In fact, when we installed the shower when we moved in Craig had taken some peices to the local hardware store (think Tim the Tool man) and the guys there had never seen plumbing that old. Well after 5 years of battling that plumbing it's time to replace it. Poor Craig. Poor, poor Craig. He doesn't seem the least bit excited.

Time to go cut Chris and Jack's hair so they look like little boys again and not hoodlems.

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PBandJ said...

Sorry to hear things are not going your way in court. Justice sometimes dos not work out the way we want :(
Too bad about the plumbing, too. Our house has cast iron plumbing throughout and the hardware store guys also told us it was time to replace it. Yeah right, like that is in the budget... Good luck!