Friday, March 6, 2009


So I read something yesterday that really showed me that some otherwise intelligent people really do not have a clue on issues they claim to know so much about.

It talked about how people are lazy when it comes to healthcare and cited a statistic that 40% of employees do not take health insurance offered by their employeers. If they don't want to shell out the bucks then what should the rest of us care if they can't afford their medical care.

What? Really?!

Ok so I don't know where this guy comes from, but here in the real world it goes something like this.

I work 20 hours per week. Because of my wage I make about as much in those 20 hours as many people working 40 hours. My employer offers insurance at the rate of about $700/month for a family. Which seems fairly reasonable in comparison to others I've heard about around here.

Tell me, with just the basics. Rent/mortgage, utilities, gas, food. How it's feasable for people wo pay over half their monthly income in insurance premiums, not to mention deductibles and copays?

So people rely on medicaid, which is lazy too right? Well do you think you can just walk into the Medicaid office and they will give you free health insurance if you can afford what is offered by your employer? No. They break down your necessary bills and what the insurance costs and if you can't afford it, per their standards, they offer you insurance. If you can, they turn you away or, in some states, offer an insurance package with it's own premium, which is paid to the state every month.

Let's pull our collective heads out of our butts and in the words of the great Gordon Ramsay "Stop being fucking donkeys".


Cure For Kayden said...

wow 700 a month for health insurance???

sheesh and i thought ours was bad.

grant pays 250 ish (aud) and that covers basic health, dental and other stuff, excluding pre existing conditions (thank god he had the health insurance before he got cancer)

all doctors here are covered under medicare (care for all austraalians with basic health) but the more you earn the more you have to co pay (to copy an american expression)

grant each year must pay 250 for the first hospital admission per peron (but only if your admited to hospital)

health insurance is not mandatory in australia as we have free, or nearly free medical for basic health.

while our system isnt perfect it means a lot of people also arent excluded and its nice to know that should your child be born with a major medical problem that you dont have to worry if you can afford it or not, or wether your insurance will cap out.

InsomniacRed said...

If we were to take the health coverage plan at Tonys work, we would be paying more for that then we would get for his actual paycheck. Kinda sucks...but hey... I hardly ever go to the hospital, and sucking it up and paying the 750$ ER bill sounds like a better deal to me lol

Hope nothing ever major happens tho lol

Anonymous said...

well put... seriously? I wonder what life would be without judgmental monkeys. Love ya.