Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Damn I love technology!

I think I'm a little spoiled. See, I bought the new Iphone 3G about a month ago and ever since then I've found my patience dwindling. My Iphone has pretty much let me do everything from it so effortlessly (except of course send picture messages, since the Iphone doesn't support MMS messaging..... WTF, I thought any phone built after like 1999 had MMS???) that I just want to be able to do most everything from it. I don't even use the computer to check my email anymore, even that is so much more simplified on my phone.

Which brings me to my bane. My blog. In a perfect world I would have a wonderful blogger app on my phone that let me simply load the latest picture and update on my fam in seconds. But I haven't been able to find a good, simple FREE app (I refuse to pay for apps). My Facebook app lets me upload a picture and type a quick "what I'm doin" in about 10 seconds. That's what I need people, because 10 seconds is usually all I have. And I'm addicted to facebook. ADDICTED. Facebook is my brand of heroin people, i'm telling you.

So I got twitter, thinking well this is pretty cool. I can post updates in twitter and they show up on my sidebar. And it's pretty easy to attach a picture too. Except people can't just see the picture there on my page, they have to click the link.

This is still ok but I about fell over today when a friend told me that Facebook has this same functionality. Where, what, huh?

After some googling I finally found it. Badges.

So, on the right side of my blog you'll see my facebook junk. It's suppose to post my status updates and photos I upload, and hey if you really want to you can click it and add me to your circle of Facebook friends. I'm cool with that.

Here's the thing. I did a test status update and photo upload about 20 minutes ago and it's still not on my blog! Did I mention I have little patience?

So, for now the twitter one is staying put until I figure out how I screwed up this Facebook badge or if it really just doesn't update very often. Maybe while I wait for it to update I'll look on my phone again for a great Blogger app.


Cure For Kayden said...

i dont think hubby can breathe or function without his iphone LOL

Ryan Wojcik said...

I guess I need to keep up with my cousin more! I recently added your blog to my RSS feeds and have been rolling at some of your articles.

BTW, you should check out http://ping.fm/ for updating all your stuff. It works with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogger.com, etc, etc and I think they have a free iPhone version but I haven't used it yet. It just might solve all your problems and end world hunger.

Well, maybe the first one.