Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seems like it's been pretty much forever since I've posted any pictures here. Y'all, school is kicking my butt. Some days I feel like if someone throws just one more pin in, the lot I'm juggling will crash. On the other hand..... I like it. I like being busy, I like having a purpose and a schedule and things I need to do. As much as I loved being a SAHM it's nice to be busy.

Let me introduce you to my newest lil nephew (what's with the testosterone in this family, anyway?) Ethan Walter. He was born on March 9th which is his grandmommy in heaven's birthday. Here dad was helping mom into the shower after birth and I seized the opportunity to cuddle and blind the dear child with camera flash. As you can see, he's pretty much saying "one more time lady, and I shove Mr Nikon where the sun don't shine".... yeah, he's a little sassy already.

In other important news. On Sunday I wandered around taking DNA from people. Those people are (allegedly in one case) my parents. I am finally, once and for all going to confirm my parentage. Now, there's no doubt in my mind that my father is my father. His eldest daughter and I could have been identical twins (we ARE only 3 months apart...... hence the reason there's all the drama) as children. But THEY don't beleive it, so I've shelled out the bucks to prove it and be done with it. Now, my father was in a horrible accident when I was 11 and had a very serious brain injury, he doesn't remember much of anything from before the accident and is, in such, utterly useless at helping except for via his DNA. I sent the swabs on all 3 of us in on Monday and should know the results by mid next week.

I'm also happy to say that the drama with Hailey getting her ass whooped at school is finally O-V-E-R!!! We scrapped the teen court shit as it was only serving to keep both girls in the drama and draw the whole thing out and yesterday, in all of 5 minutes, went in front of a local judge who told Hailey not to be disorderly again (remember, she called the girl a whore), paid our $77 ticket and washed our hands of the whole thing.

Following court I went and had dinner with my soul sister. She took me to this itty bitty little hicktown place that served a wonderfully strange meal of pork steak, dumplings, sour kraut, and gravy. I'm not sure who dreamt up the concoction, but it was very yummy.

It's funny how these "dates" with her go. We will not see each other for MONTHS and then just talk like there's never been a space. It's the strangest friendship there is, as we disagree on a lot of thing and come from completely different backgrounds. But for some reason it works. There's just this silent understanding. She knows when i'm bullshitting myself and isn't afraid to call me on it and oddly, I don't get the slightest bit defensive when she does. It goes both ways, I'm 100% not afraid to be myself around her. Part of that comes from her seeing me in what was literally my darkest hour... nothing I can ever do can be worse than the hours after Alex died and the day of his funeral.

So our friendship is simply without explanation. It just is. I can talk to her after months apart and just spill my guts and she gets exactly what I'm saying like she's been there all along. In fact I have to think sometimes when I tell her something because I'm never sure if she already knows. It seems like more often than not she does. I've tried to analyze it and last night I really realized that there's no point. It just is.

And last, but not least I'd like to ask you to Pray/wish/send thoughts/do some wierd voodoo/ whatever your thing is and send it this little guy's way. This little dude (with an awesome name btw) needs our love hope that his heart will be healed.

Prayers for Stellan

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