Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My CPS and WilCo story part 4

My big mistake.

I woke up the next morning in a panic.  What had we done?  Not allowing them to interview the kids would certainly arouse suspicion, right?  OMG what had we done.

So I made my biggest mistake.  I called and left Christy a voicemail saying I would have the kids at the advocacy center at 9.

And so we went.  Hailey went first, then Chris, then Jack, then Nate.  When Nate was in there Hailey and I becan texting about how it had went and she told me they asked her all sorts of weird questions and non were about Austin.  They were yes or no questions.  Do your parents hit you?  Do they get drunk and act crazy?  Do they do drugs in front of you? and on and on and on.

Mommy instinct took over and I walked down to the interview room and demanded my son back.  I sent Nathan back to the play room with Hailey and told the Mr. Battencort I wanted to speak with the CPS worker who was in the next room immediately.  He told me to hang on and entered the room.  30 seconds later I walked into that room, sat myself down at the far end of the table and said "let's chat".

I asked them what they thought they were doing and why they were NOT in fact asking "open ended" questions.  It was apparent our definition of "open ended" was completely different and I took my children and went home.  The kids were very upset, all 5 of them crying and confused.  My 4 year old was in hysterics and asking me why they thought he was bad.  It was all I could bear.  I called the CPS worker, her supervisor  and the head of the advocacy center and was told that what they had done was appropriate.  I informed them that I had every single conversation documented on video and audio and was not afraid to use them in court or in the media.  (Legal to record with 1 party consent in Texas).

I truly believe this last statement is what led to the outcome of our case.

I had no idea if someone was coming to my house to take my children, and so I made the decision that they needed not live in that stress and we left with a couple suitcases and some toys.

The kids and I went to stay with a friend for a few days until we could sort things out and then we packed up our belongings and moved back to Wisconsin.  We knew the CPS investigation would likely follow us, and we knew we could be charged with interfering in an investigation.  We were willing to accept this risk.

We settled into our home and yesterday in the mail came the most blessed letter.

From the TDFS:

We have found 5 counts of sexual assault by Austin- UNFOUNDED
We have found 5 counts of neglectful supervision by Kat- UNFOUNDED


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