Sunday, August 14, 2011

What else is there to do when it's 108 degrees out?

So when we left Texas (the kids and I) we went to Oklahoma for a few days to stay with a friend.  Oh yeah, I mentioned that.  Anyway, so as hot as we thought it was in Texas it was consistantly hotter in Oklahoma (wtf??), and humid-er.  Yes that's a word, it's a word because I just declared it a word so shut your mouths.

AAaaaanyway.  So when it gets too hot to breathe, go to the splashpad!  I think they should have these absolutely everywhere.  Kids can play with no chance of drowing (well, mine ARE pretty talented).  And momma can sit in the shade and play with her er.... take pictures of them with her iphone.  Except I think these pictures were actually taken with my friends iphone and then uploaded to my computer.  I couldn't say.  Regardless. Enjoy!

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