Friday, June 1, 2007

Soon it will be time to keep the kids busy all summer

Any parent with school age children knows that the end of the school year can be almost as chaotic as the beginning of a new one. What with field trips, show and tells, picnics and planning summer activities. Oy, I get tired.

I'm very proud to say that Hailey made "anchor" position on the relay team for the track and field event on Monday! I'm so proud of her! She can run like the wind so I hope it's something she pursues next year as she goes into middle school. Speaking of....... MIDDLE SCHOOL! Who told her she could grow up? Soon, I will have 2 teenagers......... pray for me!

Here's a pic of Hailey and her best friend from this year (anyone with pre-teen girls knows she'll have a new best friend next year) Hailey is the brunette. This was taken after her band concert.

I know I'm just slightly biased, but isn't she a beautiful young lady? I'm gonna need a big stick for the boys......

Moving on.... I wanted to do something cute with Jack's hair for the summer. It took a lot of convincing my husband, but I got my way and this is the end result....*PIC HAS BEEN REMOVED DUE TO SOME SUSPICIOUS EMAILING OF THIS POST URL*

And a photo of my sweet baby boy, he looks a bit frightened in this picture, poor baby! He's gotta hate that camera since I'm snapping at least 5 pictures of him a day. Poor kid's gonna be blinded from the flash. *PIC HAS BEEN REMOVED*

And finally I have a photo of myself with Nathan, yes I hide from the camera I'm probably the LEAST photogenic person on the planet!

I want to say again how much I appreciate the support in the last couple of weeks. A special thank you to the motherwear breastfeeding blog for telling my story, I have been able to be in contact with some amazing women through this story being told and am grateful for the experience. I now beleive that God put me in that situation for a reason and I must not fail him. Goodness knows I've had my share of tests over the past couple of years and I have learned that if I don't follow God's lessons the first time, he will keep trying!

I am working on a post which is hard for me to write but there are people who now read this blog that don't know my story and I want to share someone very special with you all. My son Alex who was an inspiration and a test to my faith, my resolve, my entire being..........


Trista said...

As long as my babies stay babies yours can grow up...or maybe it doesn't work that way.

Jack and Emma off to school.. :( You only have one earth baby left to go to school!! Well me too I guess, but hey as I always say, if you do I do, I don't want to be pregnant BY MYSELF!

I am glad that you are expanding on Alex's Story. Through all the trials and tribulations he sure was/and still is a mighty soul. Not only did Alex inspire me, but you and Craig have as well.

Love you!

Kat said...

Well, if you want to do the 'pregnant together" thing again you are gonna have to wait a bit....... cause the thing that causes pregnancy isn't happenin at my house!