Thursday, June 21, 2007

In the news

15 year old preforms c-section:

A 15 year old son of a doctor in India preformed a c-section.... why? To get into the guiness book of world records. His father is facing losing his license.............. Ya think?!?!


Even more disturbing.

A 19 year old mother calls 911 after finding her baby dead.....

She had TAPED his pacifier in his mouth after she overheard someone talking about SIDS. Ya know that study that says that pacifier use may reduce risk of SIDS? (Co-sleeping and night nursing seems like a better way to me, but that's for another post I suppose). So yeah she TAPED the pacifier to the 4 month olds mouth and killed him! This was after she lost his swaddling blanket and tied his arms up with a sleeper. Isn't it amazing that you pretty much have to prove a Royal bloodline to adopt a child no one else wants, but any idiot can leave the hospital with a newborn without so much as an IQ test? Good LORD!

And yesterday president Bush vetoed yet another stem cell research bill. While I get his religious convictions on the subject and am a religious woman myself, what ever happened the the difference between the Church and state? Having had an ill child who may have been helped if stem cell research were further along it makes me sad that we can't find some compromise on this issue.

What are your thoughts on stem cell research? Would you donate embryos you weren't going to use to research? Drop me a comment and tell me your opinion!


CarĂ¡Cole said...

I think enough is enough! Stem cell research should be supported and funded already. I think if the public was more informed then there would be more pressure.

Cindy said...

my personal opinion on stem cell research is that they should use other types of stem cells, other then destroying fetouses to do it.

I have a real problem with taking an embreyo, and basically changing it to make what they want. They have had some marvelous results with adult stem cells, but they dont like to publish too much so embreyonic stem cell research cant be stopped.

Everyone says "oh if you had a life threatning illness you would feel different"

well although i dont have a life threatening illness, i do have a genetic condition that affects me and affects my four children, my eldest child quite severly.

my partner also has had bowel cancer and secondary liver cancer and is currently in remission, so i understand the reasons behind stem cell research, i am just totally against the source of the stem cells, since they always have a preference for embreyotic stem cells.

I hear people who have a child on the offchance the cord blood would cure their older child, and thier abused and put down... least they have the child and dont shorten its life to aid anothers.

CarĂ¡Cole said...

Adult stem cells are not as viable as embreonic ones.

tanya@motherwearblog said...

Wow, that's a crazy story about the pacifier.

I just saw your t-shirts and love them. The "I already know more..." one made my day!


Cindy said...

Stem cells arent as viable as embreyotic stem cells, but at what point is it ok to conitune to kill embreyos??

when their breathing??, can say mum???? or at what point in a pregnancy is it wrong to use an embreyo/fetus???

Whats the cut off age limit?

They can also use i believe stem cells from the umbilical cord.

Anonymous said...

While I totally see your point Cindy. No other stem cells are at this point in research capable of doing the things embryonic ones do. They are, by nature, able to be programmed to morph into different body parts at a much more reliable rate than any other cell. I certainly would hope that in the future we can find another way to get stem cells that do what we need to do, but if research keeps getting blocked, it's not going to be easy to do. Also, what about embryos that couples have frozen and then decide they don't want...... Those tend to just end up in the incinerator. Why not save a life with them instead, ya know?