Sunday, June 3, 2007

Why would you want a large family?

I had a strange moment yesterday. When out in public with the children I have gotten many comments, good and bad (mostly good thank goodness). Yesterday I got the question there is no solid answer for, WHY?

I replied that we love it and continued on my way. On the way home however I really went into deep thought about this. Why DO we have a lot of children? What are the reasons? I searched my soul and what I came up with was simple. We are not in control all the time. Some things ARE better left for God to decide. I can decide what color car to buy, but making decisions that affect lives? Decisions that possibly deny a person coming into this world? That is WAY beyond what I'm qualified to do.

So we have so many children because God either feels we are deserving of all these blessings, or that we have something to teach, or that we have something to learn that most people learn with 1 or 2 and we just can't push the rocks in our heads aside to listen.... Either way, I'm grateful.

I'm not one of those people who started off thinking I'd have a large family. I've just never had the "done" feeling that other people get. So, as long as my health holds out we will continue to let God decide what is right for our family. With every child we have grown, grown as people, our finances have grown, our living space has grown. God has provided for each of our children and I have no reason to think he will stop as long as we trust in his divine judgement.

What are your thoughts on why some people are happy with 1 or 2 children and some never quite feel content? Please don't hesistate to comment just because you feel your comment might be controversial. I'm interested!

The post about my son is still in the works, I would however like to invite you to check out his caringbridge site. It is a journal that was kept during his life and struggles and during ours, living without him.

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of four and I enjoy the dynamics of my family, but it was financially difficult for my parents. That's why I'll probably stick to 2 children so that I can give them everything I want to. Now if we somehow become wealthy, I'd definitely want more.
I think some people subconsciously feel that there is a limit to their love and that they couldn't possibly provide the attention that multiple kids would need and that's why they stick to fewer children.
And then some women just don't enjoy being pregnant which is a pretty crucial step in having lots of kids!

Kat said...

Oddly enough I'm one of those people who don't particularly like being pregnant! I love being a mom, love babies and kids but am dowright miserable being pregnant.

Cindy said...

i think there are many many different reasons why different people choose the number of kids to have. Some people its finanical, some people cant cope with more, some people have disease or genetic issues. Sometimes people like grant and i choose not to have any more kids cause we have 6 between us ( i have 3, he has 2 and we share 1) Our car is full, i feel done, all my children have a genetic condition that i dont want to pass to another child, and with grants liver the cancer, theres always the issue that he might not make it through.