Thursday, June 14, 2007

My dream job!

So. After a month of waiting to hear if the hospital board was going to approve it, I am now going to be contracted with the local hospital for doula services! This is an amazing breakthrough in getting Doula services recognized and accredited by the medical community and I can't wait to get started! Just waiting now on a meeting with the Director of maternity services and my back up to hash out all the little niggly details. How awesome is that!!!!

Couldn't come at a better time either. C's boss is going overboard in her quest to be a freaking dictator and cooks are quitting left and right. Soon C will be one of them! WOOHOOO


Anonymous said...

is craig gonna be a stay at home daddy? or are you gonna split it between you with your new job?


Anonymous said...

Craig will be a stay at home dad. He's looking forward to it!


Trista said...

YAY cant be happier for you, I know this is something that you really want.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome Citcat!!!!

jay_say said...

Hi there... saw your post on bbc and stopped by since I also have a blog... I've been reading your recent posts... wow... busy life... congrats on the new job!