Sunday, June 3, 2007

Infant product reviews

Unfortunately I don't have a gazillion dollars like Oprah, so I can't give each of you one of the things I'm about to review, but you know I would if I could!

First up! The Combi Connection carseat
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I paid $140 for this carseat based on it's safety features. The "eggshock" foam in the headrest in particular. They say you can drop an egg from 1 meter on it and the egg won't crack. I have to tell you I neglected to try this particular test because if the egg did crack...... well would you feel comfortable using a carseat you had just destroyed the box for because everytime you put your baby in it you envision an egg cracking open? Not only that, but what a mess that would be! I also really like the breathable fabric, it is designed to keep baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is very light (7 lbs i think?) and has one of the higher weight limits of carrier type carseats (22 lbs).

What I don't like- It doesn't hook on a shopping cart. FORCING (yes FORCING) me to then pay $100 for the matching stroller ( combi city Savvy). Ok so I wanted the stroller anyway but that's beside the point.

Evenflo Elan bottles
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Although i am a breastfeeding momma I do pump the occasional bottle for daddy to feed. Can't hog the baby all the time you know. The Evenflo Elan bottles can be purchased at Target for $12.00 for 3 bottles. A bit pricey as far as bottles go, but the nipple is shaped just like the breast, complete with the little bumpy mongomeries glands! The bottom has air vents like the vent aire bottles that allow air to circulate through the bottle and not create the suction. Breastfed babies suck HARD and it's impossible to keep bottle nipples from collapsing, problem solved with this bottle!

The Bumbo seat and play tray
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If I'm being completely honest I have to say this wouldn't really make it to my "favorites" list. I included it here simply because it's so popular right now. My son (now 4 months) really doesn't care for this seat. In order to serve it's purpose, which is to help babies who can't yet sit, sit. It is very restrictive, my baby HATES that. I purchased the tray along with the seat and am less than impressed. The tray gets bumped off very easily and takes 4 hands to put on. Not the best $45 I ever spent. If you are going to get one of these type seats though, please do get the Bumbo brand and not the Bebe Pod brand, the bumbo is made from soft foamy rubber and is much more chubby leg friendly. And no, he doesn't have the purple one that's just me being lazy and saving the first pic I found.

That's all for now!

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