Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I could really use some divine intervention

Things seem to be snowballing on me a little. Yesterday I had my follow up appt with the urologist on the results of my Ct scan.... first a little background.

After the birth of my angel baby in January 06 I got a UTI. I was stupid and put off treatment because I simply didn't have time to drive back home from where he was and see my doc (insurance didn't cover me there) so I didn't start getting treatment until after he died and I went finally back in for my post partum visit, which was the end of May.

I've been on antibiotics since. Everytime I finish a course it comes right back so I've spent a year on Macrobid waiting until I wasn't pregnant anymore to set up the CT scan (they can't do the dye part while you are pregnant).

So 2 weeks ago I saw the urologist and he ordered the Ct. He told me there probably wasn't anything they could do for me but he wanted to at least take a look but chances were I'd spend the rest of my life on antibiotics.

So had the CT catastrophe. Fast forward to yesterday. My follow up. He walks into the room and starts reading the reports on the CT. Says "oh this is unusual"... just what we like to hear right?

Turns out both kidneys are chock full of kidney stones. Almost all of them are tiny, 1 mm with a 4mm one spotted. Apparently because of my age and the fact that the stones are small, this is unusual. Most people will get a stone here and there in one kidney or the other. The fact that there are SO MANY and they are all small means that for some reason, I just started making them in overtime recently. He says I probably pee out tiny stones every day and don't even notice (WHAT?!?!)

I asked if he could do surgery and he said it was pointless until we figure out why I'm making the stones. There are a few possibilities. #1 I have a problem with my thyroid, which can be normalized with medication. #2 I am taking in too much calcium (highly unlikely for me, i'm lactose intolerant and don't get much calcium). Or, #3 My kidneys are failing and can no longer take care of everything they need to.

So he ordered blood tests (5 freaking vials worth) and a 24 hour urine collection (joy) and it will take a month to get some of these tests back, then I see him again. If they find the problem then we fix it, get me to stop making stones and he can try to blast the 4mm stone (which only has a 50% chance of passing at that size)if he can find it. This can only be done if my kidneys are functioning at 100% as the laser damages kidney tissue. If they can't see the stone clearly, they will go in and cut my kidneys open and remove all the stones that way.

To top it off the antibiotic isn't really keeping the UTI's at bay anymore, just barely taking some of the bacteria out.

If they find that it's my kidneys I'm looking at transplant. I've been informed to "not think too much on that right now" (yeah right)but to ask family and friends if they would be willing to be match tested, it's just a blood test.

The scary thing? This is the same thing that killed my grandmother. She had 2 kidney transplants and then developed brain cancer from the drugs used to prevent rejection.

On top of it, Craig's day cook quit today so he'll be working 8am-midnight until God knows when now.

I need to hear if I got this new job, we need to get him out of that hellhole.

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