Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey God? It's me, Kat

And uh..... if your listening? Can you please hear my prayers about the twins thing? Cause uh, after having my nephew for 2 days...... I think I might go crazy lol

My brother and his wife have been gone for a couple days. They got married a year ago and never got the chance to get away. I hope they are having a ton of fun. It's been interesting with 2 little ones in the house. I'm lucky because my nephew is like THE most well behaved baby on the planet (aside from the getting up for the day at 4am thing, I could do without that) so he makes it much easier than it could be. But still, it's been interesting, especially in the evenings trying to bathe and get them both ready for bed and asleep without one waking the other.

Right now they are both napping like good little boys. Bless them.

Tonight Chris has a ball game in Barron which means we'll be having ballgame food for supper, yum. Not much choice really, Shay and Chris get done with CLC at 5 and the game starts at 5:15.... not much time to make a wholesome meal!

On the pregnancy front, 9 weeks today! It's going fairly fast and I think iti will continue through the summer and then drag on come fall. We have picked out names, but we're not tellin hehe. I feel great, not a hint of morning sickness. I am a little nervous about that but I have to have faith that the little french fry is happy and healthy in there. I see the midwife next Thursday.


Trista said...

You doomed yourself two-fold...

LOL, now you will get sick...cause its only fair that you do...I remember being so sick and puking on a whim.

Twins would be great...since this baby factory is closed, I wouldn't mind getting all the love I could from TWO of your babies at once...HEH HEH.

Blessings and love....and well get fat would ya!

cindys_weight_loss_blog said...

if you get twins kat, get trista to be the night nurse LOL