Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Only in Wisconsin...

Or Pennsylvania, or maybe Indiana would this ever happen. I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up.

My phone rings Monday early afternoon. It's my mother.....

MOM: I didnt' tell you about our excitement last night

Me: Oh? What's that? (thinking with my mother, it could be anything

MOM: Well, you should come out to the house with your camera...

Me: Why?

So this bantering goes on for a bit until she realizes that I'm simply not driving all the way out to her farm with 6 kids in tow after a chaotic evening of after school programs, parent-teacher conferences, dinner and homework unless there's a dang good reason.

So she tells the story. A story that was nearly surreal to listen to. A story that could only happen here, and only to my mother.

So, she begins. We (her and her boyfriend...... it kinda creeps me out to call him my mothers boyfriend, I don't really know why..... I should ask my therapist. Anyway) We were sitting on the couch watching tv last night and we heard a noise. George looked out the window and said "there's a flashlight coming up the driveway". You know how I am (that would be paranoid) so we let Tigger ( their obese black lab that with all the table scraps he eats probably has coronary heart disease at the ripe old age of 4) out to go and scare them away (yeah, that'll work ma). Well, they didn't run away so we figured they weren't a burgalar (apparently in the land of oz burgalurs aren't afraid of dogs like everyone else).

So, she continues. We called Tigger back in an went out there and up the driveway comes this Amish kid, all bloodied up. We brought him inside and cleaned up his hands and found out what happened to the kid. Turns out he and his buddy were racing buggies down the road and the horse stumbled and he lost control and the buggy rolled into the ditch. It's still there.

I SWEAR I didn't make this up lol

When we are out at my moms I always have my camera in tow and can usually be found stalking Amish buggies coming down the road to get a good picture of one incognito. My moms house is surrounded by Amish, she may in fact be the only person in the area with electricity, i'm not sure. I have yet to be able to capture a good picture of a buggy because the brush in the ditch isn't yet long enough to hide in. You see, the Amish are terrified to have their picture taken, so when taking their picture you have to remain hidden, out of respect of course. So usually I get the back end of the buggy with some tree in the way. As the brush grows this spring into summer I should be able to stake out a better vantage point.

I'm sad to say I did not in fact get out to my moms to take pictures of the "totalled" buggy. I am very sad about that. I will, this summer...... if I have to battle garden snakes, frogs, crickets, and the obese black lab crawling through the brush like a soldier with my trusty Nikon D40 instead of my gun, get a picture of the Amish and their buggy. So help me God.

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