Thursday, July 31, 2008

Almost the weekend woohoo!

Well, much to my surprise I'm really liking Vista! I had heard so much about it being buggy that I was really nervous. Aside from it being slower than XP I really think it has a lot more to offer. Or maybe I just haven't found the bugs yet.... I am also loving having 2G of RAM. My old laptop had 512mb and a lot of my programs run SO much smoother. Can't blame my poor old laptop though, my picture files are so huge and I usually take about 700ish a month (!!!) so I need more memory.

Speaking of pictures, take a peek at my new favorite pic of Natey.

BTW the url on that picture is not active yet.

Isn't he just a dollface? I could just eat him for breakfast.
Anyway, more later, Craig wants to discuss bills, always fun!

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Lisa said...

Wow.. your kids are gorgeous! Not sure i you remember me (Skye in the chat room), but I have been reading your post for 3 years now.. and I must say.. you have a way with words and I love reading about your life. I have always thought, even though I dont know you, that you are one of the strongest people I know... but don't really know..hahaha.
Anyhow.. your little nate is perfect!
Lisa in Ottawa Canada