Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things that make you go awwww

I am fortunate enough that although I live on town, the woods behind us allow us to get some nature in our little lot. It's very common to see bunnies and even deer in our backyard. But my favorite critter friends are all the birds that make their homes in the trees and bushes in my yard. A couple years back one of the kids made a bird house at school and we hung it up and they got to witness the life process from nest to eggs to hatchlings to flying babies by peering into that little hole in the birdhouse every day. It was quite an experience. The momma bird got so use to use peering in there she wasn't even bothered by it after a while, and I'm sure she was ever so grateful the day the wind blew the birdhouse down and we ever so gently picked up each egg and placed it back in the nest (It's a myth that birds won't return to the eggs if you leave your scent btw).

On monday my husband was tending to the yard and I was, well, sitting here doing nothing when he comes in and tells me there's a baby bird on the trampoline. Our trampoline is surrounded by a net to keep the children from ending up in wheelchairs (or try anyway) and the baby wasn't able to fly. I went out there and we tried to figure out what to do, we didn't want to interfere with nature but the poor thing was visibly upset and so were it's parents who kept swooping down from the nearby tree.

We decided to save the baby bird, wonderpets style. (or not lol but the song from that show kept going over and over in my head... "there's an animal in twuble, there's an animal in twuble!")

Much to our surprise the little thing just hopped right up on Craig's hand!

As soon as he got out of the trampoline it flew over to the nearby bush where mom and dad were waiting.
Check back tomorrow for a picture tutorial on rag ringlets (think Nellie on little house or Shirley Temple) that a friend on a message board introduced me too.

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ollyhop said...

That is definitely something that makes me go 'awwwwwww'! That is an amazing thing - a little bird hopping onto a human hand. How sweet!!!!!!!