Friday, July 25, 2008

Update on the family front

I've been posting about everything else under the sun, maybe you want things a bit more personal for once..... or maybe you don't really give a crap, but that's tough now isn't it.

So last night we went to the drive-in theater to see the new Batman movie and Journey to the center of the earth. Half the crew was asleep before the end of the first movie so we moved inside the truck (had been sitting in lawn chairs in front) so they could be more comfy for the second movie, not to mention the skeeters were chewing us alive.

Wouldn't you know it, 10 minutes to the end of the second movie, which I really LIKED mind you, the bulb breaks on the projector and we are told it cannot be fixed tonight and are sent on our way. Bummer! They said we could use our tickets to get in free any night this week but I didn't like the first movie well enough to watch it again, since I don't really get into those kind of movies anyway, so it's a bit silly to arrive at the theater at midnight to watch the second one. Looks like we'll be adding it to netflix to finish it.

So we got home at 1:30am and Nate won't go back to sleep. It's play time! So we were up til 4:30 and I had a client meeting this morning at 10, an hours drive away. Nice. Needless to say I've been a bit out of it today.

Today we moved Nate's crib into Jacksen's room finally! My husband and I have our own bedroom again after a year and a half! Woohooo! Now I can lay down there and watch tv at night again, or hey.... maybe even go to the bathroom without worrying the sound of the flush is going to wake him. Mind you he's only across the hall, but still. He's in his own room!!!!!

Tonight I got an interesting phone call. It was a personal invitation for Hailey to come to the Barbizon modeling interviews this weekend, I guess they are looking for girls her age in our area and have invited a select few to interview for it, or whatever they call it. We'll check it out, I'm sure they'll want money out of me......

Off to watch Americas got Talent and Baby Borrowers while I knit.... yeah I'm old.

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Jena9286 said...

I am relieved to hear that I am not the only one with a Feb that is still in their mom and Dad's room. Aaron is getting kicked out in 5 weeks. Once school starts. Yeah!