Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another week down

So, Nate has now spent three nights in his own bed, in his own room. And the last 2 of those nights he has slept completely through the night for the first time EVER! Woohoo! This is just what we all needed. I'm finally getting some good sleep too.

As much as I loved co-sleeping there comes a time when it's time for them to gain a little independance, and for mom and dad to gain a little privacy....... er.... sleep.

Monday is Shay and Nate's appts, but it's also Shay's 8th birthday! I cannot beleive she's going to be 8 already. She's really excited because 8 is the magic age the state of Wisconsin says she no longer needs to be in a booster seat in the car. She's looking forward to sitting in the regular seatbelt. I'm probably the only person in this little town that abides by this law, as I see many kids every day much younger than Shay not in booster seats, so she's ready to join her friends as a graduate of Graco.

Speaking of birthdays, the idea of school starting is really seeming to stress Jacksen out. We've seen a drastic increase in his sensory issues the past couple of weeks which has lately lead to baths sometimes 3 times a day to wash off imaginary bugs crawling on him. Poor guy. I'm trying to keep my patience with it all and see it for what it is, but it's trying sometimes. No one can prepare you for a child with these issues and once you think you get it, it changes and you are back to square one. I'm not sure what his issue with school is, he did SO well last year. But just last night he told me he doesn't want to go to schol... *sigh*. He has one of the best teachers this year, I hope he gives it a chance.

Austin is at his dads for 2 weeks. He wasn't thrilled about it but decided that the mature thing to do would be to honor his obligations. I hope things go well for him. Even though he's 14 two week visits still really are hard for him. Maybe things will improve there and it won't be so difficult next summer. I certainly hope so, for all involved.

What else.... Did you ever notice how the people who claim not to be dramatic are usually the most dramatic? Just an observation. Same is true for the people who act like they don't care what people think, they seem to be the ones who thrive on outward appearance and what other people expect, and end up so materialistic and fake you can't figure out who they really are. What a crazy world we live in. This isn't coming from anywhere in particular, just thought I'd share my perception of the world for the day.

Anyway. We decided today to try to get our chevy venture on the road again. Yeah right. We are 97% certain at this point that the head is cracked due to it's inability to regulate temperature, surprisingly empty radiator, and draining out 8 quarts (EIGHT!!!) of oil that looked like mud. Joy. Honestly I think I'd just as soon part it out than anything. Not like it's big enough for my family anymore anyway.


Risa said...

I agree with the dramatic comment! :) Also with the not-caring-what-people think thing.

Unfortunately for me I reall DO HATE drama and don't care what people think, but drama seems to follow me even though I wish that it wouldn't. But part of that comes from the people that I used to associate myself with, (grew up with). I've separated myself from a majority of them just because they like to make me into what they think that I am. If that makes any sense....

Anyway, less drama because of the separation thing! :) So if there is drama it might be because of who they associate with or maybe they really are tired of it because it always happens to them because they cause it. But now I'm getting dizzyingly intellectual. :)

Heather said...

I'm confused...I thought you were going to homeschool the kids this year, especially after what Shay had to go through?

As for drama, my home and my life is a drama free zone. I made it a point to stay away from drama queens and negative people, I need positive people in my life and around my children. Unfortunately, this caused me to exclude my step-sister from my life...and I've not lost one night's sleep over it, it's quite nice not having to deal with her drama and BS.

Anyway, glad the appointments and Shay's birthday went well!