Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The roof is done, the roof is DONE! About frickin time! Poor Craig is just absolutely drained spending all his time off work on that roof then working a full week on top of it. Then to top it off he lost a cook this week and 2 more gave notice. Nice! Now we just hold our breath that it's done to the insurance company's liking.

We had some icky weather a few nights ago and amid all the chaos (I had 5 of my kids plus 2 friends spending the night plus my friend with her 6 kids and hubby over) my laptop screen got demolished. Oh well, at least I can hook it up to the pc monitor and still use it. Just means I have to cram everything I do online into the time when (if) Nate naps since the computer room is downstairs. I'll make it work.

We bought a new truck. My mom's boyfriend sold us his '89 Chevy 3/4 ton for dirt cheap. It has less than 100,000 miles on it. We didn't really need another vehicle but Craig has always wanted a truck and for all the crap we do it will be nice not to have to borrow a truck from someone all the time to haul this or that. It will also be nice not to have to pull trailers and such with my Suburban, we already had to replace the transfer case on that last year and I really hope we'll get another 5-8 years out of that truck. So it will be good. And hey, it's a vehicle NOT owned by the bank so it's a good step in the direction of our debt free goal. The Suburban will be paid off in no time and then the only debt we'll have is the car and the house! How awesome.

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jay_say said...

It's such a nice feeling knowing you actually own a vehicle... and not the bank. The only debt we have now is the house... even though my husband's car has over 120,000 miles and is showing signs of needing repairs... argh! But at least we don't have to make a monthly payment.