Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dear mommy

I gotta share what Alex (through his daddy) wrote me on his third birthday January 28 th.

Dear mommy,

Today is a day I know makes you very sad. Every day I look down on you and see your pain, I only wish I could take that away and make you feel better. When I look at you I know how much of a great mommy you are and how much you love mr, I love you too!

I felt your love every day when you held my hand or rubbed my head, admiring my great hair, something dad wishes he had. Her her.

I think you are a great mommy to my brothers and sisters, and I love them too.

I might not be there physically but spiritually I am always with you and in your heart...... Always.

Grandpa, grandpa, and all our other relatives are here watching over me and to be honest with you...... I like to make them chase me around and try to keep me out of trouble.... Ha ha, that will never happen.

I know we will be together again when you're done taking care of my brothers and sisters. Don't ever give up hope and remember, I will always love you!


Don't tell grandpa I snuck away to write this, he doesn't understand these new things called computers. "farm finagaling techno thingamabobbers" as he calls them;)

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cecemeetsworld said...

I love you. That's all I can say. I love you.