Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog readers are an interesting breed

It just goes to show that as a blogger it's so very hard to know what people are interested in reading. Now, I write mainly for my own benefit (I'm a bit selfish like that), but I also like to write things that I think people want to know about too.

In looking through my site stats I've noticed something I never would have guessed. THIS POST on how to make Rag Ringlets Nellie Olson style is by FAR the most visited, most google found post on my blog. This post all by itself gets dozens of hits per day. Really?

This Post, which shows pictures of Lyme Disease in my daughter is a close second. Which is really ok with me because it's such an important topic, but sometimes you all surprise me.

But This post, on Breastfeeding, is probably my personal favorite.

Anyway. Just a little interesting.

Tomorrow Craig and I leave for our mini grown up only vacation. Ok, so it's a business trip, a food show. But a night away from the kidlets in a hotel all by ourselves doesn't happen often, so it's as much a vacation as anything. And hey, spending a day walking around sampling food isn't really my idea of work, so it's all good.

Did I just say It's all good? Good lord am I getting old.

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InsomniacRed said...

Is the food show in Lacross? My aunt and uncle are going to the one there lol