Sunday, April 5, 2009

What has become of the blog

I think I mentioned that I seriousely puffy heart blogs. I frequently search out new blogs to add to my list of reads. Blogs give you a glimpse into someone's life, people share things on blogs they may never discuss with a group of people face to face.

But let me tell you what I hate. I hate clicking on a blog link and being confronted with so many ads, gadgets, and other junk that without a little searching and crossing and uncrossing your eyes a few times you can't even find the BLOG in the blog!

Now I find no fault with those who do their best to bring in a little revenue from their blog or who desire huge numbers of readers per day. But seriousely? Bring the blog back people!

It also seems that when otherwise wonderful bloggers get caught up in the ads and gadgets and junk something is lost in their writing. Suddenly they are very censored and politically correct and boring.

It's sad I tell you. Sad

Or maybe you think I'm completely off base and love a blog with lots of ads to click and product reviews and what-not.... I don't know. Tell me about your blog preferences, I'd love to hear em!

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