Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring sickies.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately. Almost makes you forget how awful winter was. Unfortunately there's been little chance to enjoy it, with me covering for sick co-workers and the sickies making their way around my own house.

Wednesday Shaylin came down with it, puking her guts up. Rather than just getting over it she's been hanging onto it. And yesterday after waking up to day 5 with fever and nausea I decided to bring her in. My 1 day off and I got to spend it at work anyway.

Get her there and she can't give a urine sample, and can't remember the last time she was able to go. So she got a lovely IV in her hand. Which was very traumatic. They had to run blood cultures which requires taking blood from 2 sites. Got the blood out of the IV line and then couldn't get the other one. Finally called in a guy from the lab to stick her who had a hell of a time finding any veins that were good (from the dehydration) but he was finally able to get it. Shay was so good, poor kid. She cried and cried and fought at first but finally just gave in and closed her eyes and put on her brave face, through the snuffling of leftover tears.

Her labs came back and showed that she was really dry (which we knew) and had 2+ ketones in her urine from her body breaking down it's own fats, having not eaten in days but doc said it look viral... not much they could do. Told us to follow up with her Ped on wed to make sure she's turning the corner with this.

She felt a bit better after the fluids but today still has the fever. She was able to eat a bit today, a step in the right direction.

Soon after we got home from the ER I got it. Man do I hate puking! Went into work this morning and was strongly encouraged to just go home and sleep, and that's what I did. I'm still feeling pretty crappy but at least the puking has stopped. I would much rather drive a wooden stake into my head than puke, no kidding.

Thanks for the comments on my last post. It was nice to read your perspectives and I appreciated them all.

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tropicalg77 said...

well, I think its only fair that puking should go all around...

I hope shay is feeling better, I can always bring some chicken noodle soup.

Keep your puking to yourself, i finally can eat without feeling the need to share with the sewer rats.