Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let me have a little pity party.

Ya know.  I definitely try not to wallow in the whoa is me.  I try to find the positive in things and to be happy and count my blessings.  But when can this family catch a break?  In the past 6 years we have been through HELL.  We have endured things that I could have never dreamt of.  And it just keeps coming.

Austin's court date approaches, monday.  I want my son back.  I've already lost one and now I'm facing losing another to up to 10 years in the state jail.   He's not perfect, but he's a goddamn CHILD.  He's not old enough to vote, he's not old enough to decide whether he wants to go to school or not, he's not even old enough to fight for his country yet he is sitting in ADULT jail with ADULTS.  He is given none of the rights of an adult but all of the responsibility.  WTF is THAT?

Yes he's made mistakes, and he's had to answer for them.  But this?  This is such complete bullshit it could make a blue eyed blond's eyes turn brown.  He's young, he has a chance to change his ways but 10 years in state jail will change that.  They will turn him INTO a criminal because after spending a third of his life in jail he won't know any other way.

I'm trying to stay strong, and I will for all of my kids.  But hasn't this family lost enough???

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Marianna Annadanna said...

Sorry doll. I don't know the cicumstances, but I agree. Jail doesn't work. The justice "system" doesn't work. Hang int here.