Friday, March 7, 2008

Again, chicks rule!

So, this morning Craig and I were in the bathroom. I was brushing my teeth and he was... AHEM.... using the "facilities". No, we don't have any modesty or manners.

So he flushes the toilet and.......... the water doesn't go anywhere. Great, a clog. One of many in this house of children who think thier butts are bigger than they are and use ungodly amounts of toilet paper.

So my dear husband begins plunging the toilet. I stand there for a second thinking he's not doing it quite right, but I've been trying very hard to limit my terrible habit of correcting him, especially when he's doing manly tasks.

The plunging not only doesn't work but we realize that half the bathroom is now under standing water. You see, our bedroom is in the basement and the water heater is in our bathroom, the water heater drains into a hole....... er , pipe in the floor and the water was coming up from there. GREAT! The clog is deep in the main drain!

So, my dear husband being the testosterone loaded male that he is, proceeds to do whatever manly things are required to disassemble the clog.

He tried snaking the line...

He tried disassembling the drain pipes.... (i'm not entirely sure what the baby shampoo was for)

Then he yelled at me to make myself useful and call the plumber

While he put the french fries to work cleaning the basement lest the plumber fall and kill himself.

So of course instead of calling the plumber, I did what any woman would do....

While he griped at me that it wasn't going to help

But then................

VOILA! I rock! He's still sulking.

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Jaime said...

This is hilarious! OMGosh, thank you for a great giggle this am! :)