Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good morning

Well, I've had a really good response to the fluoride post contest (ok so I haven't named it) . You may be wondering why I'm keeping comments private for this contest. Well, that's not to cause you any stress my friends, it's simply because some of you don't want the sites you post at slathered right there in the open for any Tom, Dick, or Harry to visit. Not that I figure I have many Tom's, Dick's, or Harry's that frequent my blog, but just in case. It's for your privacy..... we all like privacy.

If you haven't done your part yet, please do. There's still plenty of time. I'm in no rush.

Moving on.........

Old man winter seems to be fighting to stay on here in the Northwoods. We got another......... way too many inches of snow night before last. I don't know the actual numbers, I try not to pay attention to that. That and gas prices. I make a point to never know what the gas prices are. It's senseless to dwell on. I rarely go anywhere and when I do it's almost always somewhere I have to be, so I need the gas and paying $1.99 for it or $5.00 isn't going to change that.

You see, here in the northwoods we don't really have much in the way of public transportation.... actually, we have none. I suppose if you really wanted to you could try to hop on the train that comes through town once a day, but I'm thinking you might end up in jail and quite frankly that doesn't sound like a good way to spend my time.

You could ride a bicycle. You'd get a lot of excersize (that spelling doesn't look right, someone tell me what's wrong with it) but it would probably take you about 16 hours to get from here to walmart on a bicycle. Ok, maybe not for everyone but keep in mind I'm going to have to get 6 kids there on a bicycle........ so that's a whole big added level of difficulty.

You could shop here in our little town. After all, we have a grocery store, FOUR gas stations, 16 or so bait shops (maybe not, but close), a bakery, even a family dollar. But honestly if you pay $5 a gallon for gas it's probably still cheaper to drive to walmart. Sad really.

You know, I forgot how I even got here............ oh yeah, snow. Gosh I'm not use to being up this early.

You know, now i'm not even interested in writing about snow. Oh hey, there's a sign of spring........ there's a hornet in my house. I better go get my pinesol, did you know pinesol will kill any bug in less than a minute? And your floor will have that one clean spot too! It's a bit more difficult when they are flying up around the light fixture like this guy is, but that light does need some attention........

Oh, and Angie, I just saw your comment. I use the same program, but X2 instead of X1. I honestly doubt there are many differences. A lot of it for me is just getting comfortable with layers and trying new things. I like to see what happens when I do wierd things, like clicking the skin smoother 4 times. Sometimes I really love the effect and then it becomes a routine. I know you know how to do the focal color so you have some experience with layers, it's really neat the things you can do with layers.

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