Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter Eve!

Stay tuned latery today for something big, BIG BIG. Something so beautiful it tears me up to think about it.....

Again I want to thank you all for participating in the Fluoride awareness contest. The response was more than I could have hoped for and there was a steady stream of people reading that post. You have no idea how much this means to me.

A few days ago I mentioned integrating Alex's site with this one. Yesterday I was able to get all the posts moved over here so you can peruse those under the labels "alexander's life" and "losing Alex". I hope the whole thing isn't too confusing. I am very excited to finally be putting my peices back together. It's been 2 long years of having kind of 2 separate parts of me and I feel more complete just having merged him and us in this way. He IS a part of this family and will always be and is a big part of who we all are.

You may have also noticed that this blog has taken a bit of a turn in personality. I'm sorry if you came here for the angry ranting posts because you will be seeing a lot less of them. Don't get me wrong, my passion is still there and I will definitely be posting when something strikes a nerve. I have never silenced my views and I never will but I'm trying to take a bit of a softer approach I guess. Or maybe not, who knows what will happen hehe.

I've got lots of things I'm working on, so don't be a stranger!

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