Saturday, March 22, 2008

Now for the something big

Seriousely, I am so proud of my children. They have been through so much and to come out of it stil caring and putting others before themselves is something........ Gosh I am emotional today.

And it's all my daughter's fault haha.

As you know the original blog for Alex has been moved over here. But Alexander's heart is not gone my friends. It is better than ever. It is now Hailey's place on the web to work through her feelings, try to network with other bereaved children, and more.

She has decided to take the old random acts of kindness campaign a step further. She is collecting donations to fund her own kinddness campaign in Alex's memory. This was her idea after many months of trying to figure out how to direct her energy and feelings about Alex. She wants to give a little happiness to children who, like she was when her brother was ill and died, may really need a little gift of happiness. Her father and I have given her the first $100.00 to get started and she and her siblings are making a plan as to what they want to do. Each month they will take 100% of the donations and purchase gifts for children who otherwise woudln't have them. They would also like to use the money to travel to Ronald McDonald houses and help cook meals for the families as was done for us.

So. Get your butts over there and show her your support. She will be updating the blog with her feelings in her own words as well as things they are doing with the donations. I will be moderating comments and emails and securing the funds donated into a private account, she will be doing the rest.

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