Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just breathe

So, just call me supermom. haha! Ok not even close but I'm feeling very accomplished. Yesterday we had a complete change of heart on Shaylin's dress which had me tearing apart one dress and completely building a new dress in a much smaller size out of it. Ah the happy art of recycling. I love recycling clothes, it makes me feel so Martha Stewart-ish. And hey $5.00 for a dress that would probably sell in the store for $200+ isn't bad. The dress is drop dead gorgeous and as Shay and her dad agreed makes her look prettier than Cinderella. Unfortunately, unless you plan to attend the pageant you will have to wait until the weekend to see pictures of her in it. Ha!

Tonight is our first dress rehearsal (after waiting around for a phone call that never came yesterday, grrr!) and I"m sure Mrs Asshat pageant director (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) will have a billion things that we NEED to know that we NEEDED to know months ago to throw at us. As far as I know these little girls have 3 dress changes. THREE! The gowns, the "summery" outfit, and the matching t-shirts and shoes that they took sizes for a month ago. But who knows about that? Cause they don't tell us anything.

I had given up soda until yesterday when the stress induced by this complete pageant chaos was made me begin to think I needed some whiskey. I think the soda is a safer choice. Then again, there's still time in the week for the whiskey.

Then on top of it all we are suppose to get severe storms for the next 3 days. I am absolutely terrified of severe weather. In Wisconsin when a tornado comes you lose your whole damn town.

Speaking of the weather, we had some more proof yesterday that the big man upstairs is listening. You see the shingles on our roof are curling. The insurance company told us we needed to have them replaced by yesterday or they wouldn't be renewing our policy (eeeeeeeek), well since we don't use credit that meant saving the money. We had the money saved by the beginning of May and an old friend of Craig's said he would do it for us right after he came back into town the second week of June. Ok, cutting it close but it'll do. The price is right. Well, the weekend he was suppose to be back we called, and kept calling, and kept calling, and kept leaving messages. Finally yesterday Craig gets ahold of someone who informs us that the guy moved away and they don't have (or aren't sharing) his contact information! OMG.

So in a state of panic I told Craig to go to the insurance company and get down on his knees and beg for an extension. He did and thankfully they gave us another month to get it done. WHEW. We now have a new guy willing to do it, one of Craig's employees that use to do roofing. Let's hope it gets done this time. Craig's going to help, no easy feat since he's deathly terrified of heights.... poor guy.

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