Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where do I begin?

It's been so crazy and stressfull around here lately I don't even know where to start. Nate is feeling much better, sleeping a bit more than normal but playing and laughing and being his devious self. Unfortunately Jacksen has now been hit hard. He's now missed the entire last week of school and we are hoping he's up for his graduation tomorrow night. Craig took him to the school today to collect his things and say goodbye to his friends and he was very distraught over having to get off the couch and leave the house. I feel so bad for him. Thankfully he hasn't vomited since yesterday afternoon, hopefully the diarreah/fever part of this will leave him soon. I'm praying no one else gets this bug, it's one of the worst I've seen. In Jack's case it doesn't help that he's getting over all that other stuff to boot.

As far as my issues it's going well. It's now day 8 and my bleeding has all but gone. I see the midwife for my 2 week check on Tuesday and am hoping everything passed as expected and no D&C will be needed. I would hate to have gone through all this and need one anyway.

This weekend is going to be hectic. We are having a yard sale Friday and Saturday and Saturday Christian has back to back baseball games and Shaylin has a bake sale fundraiser to do for the Little Miss pageant. Thankfully my mom is going to help with the sale and Craig will be able to cheer Christian on before work.

Baseball is going ok. The team has struggled a bit but this last game on Monday they did really good. The game ended in a 5 to 5 tie and Christian made 2 of those runs! I was the proudest mom you've ever seen and he was sooo proud of himself. Things like that make the disappointment worth it.

What else... Shaylin. She's got a decent shiner going from her fall at the park during her field trip. I have a picture of her bump and a picture of her in the ambulance that I'll upload later. It's still surprisingly swollen for being 48 hours after the fact but not nearly as bruised as I would have expected. That may still come as the swelling subsides I suppose.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Shay, Chris, Hailey, and Austin. We are all sooo very ready! No one wanted to do much for summer school activities this year so they are only doing 1 two week class each so aside from Christian's games things should be pretty relaxed this summer. We need it for sure!

Time to get back to sorting things for the yard sale. I'm really hoping to clear out a lot of the stuff that has accumulated in this house. We have quite a large house (15 rooms in total) but there's so much stuff it seems so much smaller than it is! I'm sending everything that doesn't sell over to the church for their free garage sale in the fall. It must get out of here!

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