Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now I know why pageant moms are catty!

Ok, so I signed Shaylin up for the Little miss pageant for our little city. I thought it was a neat, non competetive ordeal, a chance for Shay to really get to be a girly girl and if she won, added bonus. I would never sign her up for a competetive pageant but since the winners name is simply drawn from a hat, this one seemed fine.


The person running the pageant owns a DJ/party business in a nearby town. The fact that they aren't local kind of bugged me, but what the heck. Well it turns out this woman is basically using our little girls as advertising for her business. I even heard, when a mom asked why the girls needed to be at a bake sale if they weren't selling the response "because people love little girls and then they come". Probably true, but when everything is plastered with the name of the woman's business on it, ICK.

This is suppose to be something promoting our town, and it's not. We are asked to shell out money, provide goods, and spend tons on clothes all to put a buck in this woman's pocket.

To make matters worse she is EXTREMELY unorganized. The first night she didn't give anyone any information and then when I emailed her about things was standofish in her email stating that it was all in the handbook, which she NEVER gave anyone. One of the moms didn't even know they needed an evening gown until I told her a few weeks ago. Then today I get an email timestamped 2:22 am that we might have dress rehearsal today or tomorrow, basically we are to sit around the phone and wait for them to decide if they are having a company party for their business or not, if not they will call us and we are REQUIRED to be at rehearsal. So we have to schedule life around their work, yet they have no consideration for anyone else's job or life or goings on?

My sister is Shaylin's backstage helper for the pageant and due to work and living 2 hours away will not be able to attend the rehearsals. It's impossible for her to get off work at a moments notice and I wouldn't expect her to.

Craig mentioned pulling Shaylin out but the clothes are purchased, the fees paid, the baked goods provided, tickets purchased, and a little girl's excitement growing. That's not an option. But I do intend to give this woman a peice of my mind, maybe I'll write a letter to the editor haha!

As sad as it is to say I'm hoping Shay has fun but is not picked to be the winner. I would hate to be bound to exploiting my daughter for the benefit of this woman's business. I have no problem with promoting our city, but someone's business in another county entirely.

I'm sure i'll overload you with pictures of her all dolled up this weekend!

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Brand said...

After its all over and done with, call the newspaper and tv station and ask them to look into her "doings". What she is doing is not right in any shape or form!