Friday, June 6, 2008

You should see the other guy...

So, you might remember that on Monday my sweet dear daughter got in her first bar brawl. Wait, no that didn't happen. But it sounded better than she fell off a park bench and took a header into the metal seat, doesn't it? Well, bar brawl it is because when you look like my dear sweet daughter does now, you go for the cooler story.

So on Monday afternoon I roll up to the park to this.

The EMT's were nice enough to wait at the park with my little princess untill I arrived from my hour drive.

I was told when I arrived that the lump on her head had gone down by half with the hour of ice on it. I was pretty surprised by it and wish I had my camera with me to show you what it looked like at that time, because if it had gone down by half it must have looked like a rhino horn at first. My poor sweet child.

Later that evening the swelling had gone down significantly and I wrestled my child to the ground...... wait that didn't happen either, I tried to convince her to let me take a picture of it. As you can see, she was quite excited about it.

Notice that front tooth just hanging there by a thread. I most definitely tried to pull that tooth out on more than one occasion in the nearly 3 months since it first became loose. I have also spent many nights praying that it comes out before pageant night, lest my child go to the pageant looking like the offspring of Nanny McPhee.

So, you can see my daughter was not really on the "let's blog the head injury" bandwagon quite as much as I was. But, she's no match for her mother. "Shay, just let me take ONE" I say. "just a side view, that's all"

"fine" she says as she goes back to her coloring book and pretends neither I or my camera exist. I didn't get the fine detail of the twin sister she seemed to be growing under her skull, but I figured I'd best not push my luck if I wanted to carry out my devious plan in the end.

"Shay, now I need a front one" I say. And I am met with a determined NO! "please? just one? then I'll stop, I promise!" I hear that "ugggh" that only the mother of a 7 year old knows and she looks at me as I jump on the chance as my daughter shoots me a look that could kill an elephant.

I realize that this bump isn't nearly as impressive as one would expect. I so wish I had gotten pictures earlier in the day. But the urge to torture my child has completely taken over any real desire to keep you all informed of the stress and terror that children inflict on their parents in the form of injury and illness.

Yesterday she started to develop something I could not help but take pictures of. 2 beautiful shiners.

You can see she's almost as impressed at having her picture taken as the first day. "One more Shay, in case that one didn't turn out" I say. "NO WAY!" yells my darling daughter who once again estimates the willingness of her mother to show complete strangers her banged up face against her will. I pretend to take a picture of Nathan and she can't resist the urge to give him rabbit ears.

BWAHAHAHA I got you! As I snap another one as she busts out in a giggle over thinking she just gave Nate ears in his picture.

You'll notice something miraculous has happened the night before. The tooth came out!!!!

Tonight Christian took a ball to the knee at baseball (a story for another day) and in the ER the doctor looks at Shay and says "What happened to you?" She tells him what happened and he asks me "did she get a concussion?" I say that the EMT's said she most likely did but she never showed any scare symptoms so she didn't go to the ER. The doctor says "Oh, well she broke her nose"... WHAT? Apparently the best way to diagnose a broken nose is the presence of........... 2 black eyes without a hit to the eye! Who knew! There's nothing to do for it but let it heal I guess. It is still quite swollen. And I don't expect the bruising will spread anymore than it has although the doc did say it could spread around her eyes more. Here she is tonight. I promised, only ONE more picture..............


blah said...

As I am reading my 3 year old came over and said, "Oh man, Mom. What happened to her face and why her is making that maaaad face?" lol

Trista said...

WHOA....I was going to say broken nose for so right at her bridge...I can see it. Poor baby!!! I hope chris is doing well.

I miss you terrible

Janne said...

Ouch! She could be friends with my 10 year old (of which I keep BEGGING ER staff to give us a frequent flyer card -- they won't.)

I hope she's feeling better.