Saturday, June 28, 2008

Whew! Pageant night is over, now we can all relax.

Thihs whole week has been pretty chaotic with dress rehearsal and finishing touches and then 2 hours of curling hair that fell almost immediately in the humidity, even with a half a can of rave on it. (yes, aerosol..... forgive me).

Shay looked absolutely beautiful. She really is a gorgeous little girl, and that's not just her biased momma talking. She did great, remembering everything from rehearsal and no wardrobe malfunctions occured (that I was informed of anyway, her auntie was backstage with her).

There were 3 age groups of the little girls, 3 and 4 year olds, 5 and 6 year olds, and 7 and 8 year olds. Each age group had 3 winning categories. Miss Photogenic, Best dress, and Miss (our town). The best dress was decided by the organization, the Miss (our town) was drawn randomly from a hat, and the only category to actually be voted on and judged by the public was Miss Photogenic. They had ballot boxes as you walked in with the photos the girls had taken at their photoshoot a couple months ago. Here is Shaylin's.

Of course I think she's extremely photogenic. As a mother and her regular photographer. So I was really happy when they announced her name as the winner of Miss Photogenic for her age group! Yay!

She didn't win the crown, and I think she was by FAR more ok with that than I was. She had a great time and loved feeling like a princess for a night and that's all she really seemed to care about. She is definitely one of the most mature 7 year olds I know.

Here are some more pics.

This is before she went outside and her hair fell. 2 hours with a curling iron for little blond ringlets. This is the first outfit they were to wear for the introductions.

Shay and her friend, Sevhannah. Who won Best Dress in her age group (5 and 6 yr olds)

Shay and her Aunt Jana who had the priveledge of sitting in a 90 degree locker room making sure we didn't have any wardrobe catastrophes. Thanks Jana!

The back of Shaylin's dress. I had to weave through the crowd chasing her down to get this pic. A princess doesn't have the time you know..... Never mind the hair, which by now was a mess because of the stupid weather.

And the front of her dress. Not bad for a dress her mom made (and NOT out of an old table cloth, mind you. We aren't the Duggars) You can't see in the picture very well but the top has black felted flowers and the bottom is covered with glitter.

The 2 most beatutiful girls ever to grace this earth. I know you all agree. The necklace Shay is playing with is a heart that says Alexander.

11:30 pm and still smiling. A true princess.

I can't even put words to this one

More about the pageant later. I don't want to cloud this post with the negative....


Teesa69 said...

Congrats to Shay & mom! What a beautiful girl wearing a beautiful dress!! You are both quite talented...
momof5incolo from BBC

Shannon from preg chat said...

Congrats Shay! She sure looks beautiful. You're gonna have your hands full when she gets older Kat! That dress us amazing. I wish I was that talented..