Saturday, November 29, 2008

The most wonderful time of the year

What is better than the time of year you can stuff your face with tons of calorie laden food and no one at the table bats an eye? Seriousely, I love food. I mean L-O-V-E food. It's really quite amazing I'm of "average" weight for height because my love for food borders on addiction at times. I don't just love food, I love anything dripping with gravy or with 4 lbs of butter in it. Which is pretty much Thanksgiving by definition.

lv <--- see that? that's Nate typing. He loves food too.

Anyway. So Thanksgiving is over and today I work on Christmas cards, otherwise known- in the politically correct world- as HOLIDAY cards. Whatever, they are cards, I bought mine on a black friday sale at Menards for 99 cents a box. Sorry folks, stamps are too expensive for Hallmark. So now I write the obligatory (and downright slightly tacky, even I admit it) yearly letter to put in my cards, updating folks on the goings on around here and linking them to my blog because frankly, 2 sheets of paper for a letter is plenty and it would take me about 300 more than that to tell everyone about a year in the life of 8 crazy northerners.

Wouldn't ya know it. No color ink. So before the cards go out a trip to Hatemart is in order. Always something.

On the school front. Homeschooling is wonderful. Dare I say it, a week into our venture? WONDERFUL. Allowing my kids to tell ME what they are interested in and then tailoring activities so they learn as much as they can from one subject seems to be what is going to work for us, at least as of now. They LOVE IT.

Speaking of. It went better than I expected taking them out of school. Hailey's principal looked surprisingly er surprised. Huh? You just thought we were going to bring her back and let her get beat up on again didja? apparently.

We didn't even talk to Austin's principal because he wasn't there. Oh well, like it matters.

The police refuse to charge the blond headed deviant with ANYTHING. Go figure. Can't think of a more clear message that violence will be tolerated and condoned in school. What a joke. Just another case of "if nothing happens about it, then it didn't happen" in this town. And you people wonder why nearly 100 children have been moved from this small district in recent years. Here's a hint, it's not because you are doing things right!

Anyway, off to make food. Did I mention I love food?

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lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

Me too, I LOVE food so this time of year is always a fav!