Friday, November 21, 2008

And an update on the school situation

This morning I called and left a voicemail for the principal asking him if anything had been done to ensure Hailey's safety at school and reprimand S. I never got a phone call back. So today we sent the PS-1206 form to the state of Wisconsin department of education informing them that we will be homeschooling. We will have delivery confirmation by noon on Monday (per the post office) and Tuesday morning will be cleaning out Austin and Hailey's lockers. (Austin has been struggling in school and we had hoped high school would be different, it hasn't been and he is currently carrying straight F's and becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of help from his teachers so the decision was made that as long as we were pulling Hailey, he could benefit as well).

Hailey has been doing great at home and today had a breakthrough in math that was a long time coming. She is also working on a project about dogs and about President Jefferson


Teesa69 said...

Sounds like you took the bull by the horns and are doing what is right by your children. That school sounds wacked anyhow :(

I'm glad to hear that Hailey is doing better and I'm sure that Austin will do better in a supportive environment.

Now mom, take a deep breath...are you holding it..only 3 seconds...let it it again...Whew...I had to do it reading your posts tonight. Many (((HUGS))) coming your way!!

jay_say said...

WOW... can't believe how this school handled the situation. I teach at an elementary school and constantly hear reports regarding the high school where our students attend. Police make regular visits to our campus and theirs. They have a no tolerance policy in regards to fighting. But how your school handled it... argh... makes me sick.

Speaking as a teacher, I'm sorry that your children were not being helped. Do the school have any parent teacher conference times? Have their teachers ever contacted you in regards to their grades (especially the F's)? We have academic check every two weeks so that we can notify all parents of their child's grades. Any student with D's or F's are not allowed to participate in sports. But ALL parents are emailed their child's grades on this date whether they are in activities or not.

Hope things get better.

Jena9286 said...

good for you Kat. I hope it all goes well.