Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sad update

A sad update to the missing mom I told you about. Her body has been found and her ex husband has been arrested and charged with her murder. Her 2 year old twin boys are now in state custody. How awful.


PBandJ said...

Stuff like this makes me so mad! It is so hard to believe that someone could be selfish enough to take someone's life out of anger/hate, etc and, worse, have no concern how that will affect other people's lives. It is even worse when it is one's own children. Did this guy even think at all about what would happen to his babies? I guess not, or maybe he did not care. Some people are not fit to live in society, much less have children. I will pray for them tonight.

kaygirl788965 said...

He admitted to shooting her today..such a sad story..those poor boys!