Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sick sick sick

I caught the sickies, blah. No wonder really with the amount of stress around here at the moment. Tried my damnest to not sneeze all over people at work and used about a half bottle of sanitizer before caving in and taking my sniffling self downstairs to the pharmacy for some dayquil which did clear my head a bit but didn't releive my symptoms nearly as much as I'd hoped. Blah.

Not a whole lot to report on the school situation since I spent all day at work but Craig did call the superintendant today to ask for his help in dealing with the principal. He called back as I was on my way home so unfortunately we will have to wait until Monday to hear what he came up with, apparently he's out of the office tomorrow. Here's hoping we make some progress and things can improve very soon. I did get some more information from another student tonight that will hopefully prove helpful.

Craig also had a guy come in and look at our floor today. Wait, I haven't talked about my floor yet in here have I?! Well, we got a wild hair last Friday and decided on a whim to pull up the carpet in the living room that has been there since we bought the house. Much to our surprise we found hardwood floors in excellent shape! Definitely have some cosmetic issues as far as the stain and some scratches but all in all in extremely good condition. So we had someone come look at them to give us an estimate on refinishing them and he said they are maple and very likely ORIGINAL to the house! This house was built in 1884!

He said he'd get back to us on the final estimate. Fingers crossed it fits within our budget.

Anyway, I'm going to down my germs in some french vanilla coffee and junk food and then hopefully get some sleep.

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