Friday, November 14, 2008

Prayer warriors! 2 requests!

I have 2 prayer requests for our ever diligent prayer warriors today.

First is little Will. Will's mom Heather and I have been friends via the internet for something like 8 years. Her little boy is in need of our prayers as he is facing a health crisis that gets scarier by the minute. They are on the verge of making some decisions for him that could alter his life immensly. I apologize for not giving a whole lot of info but I haven't obtained permission from Heather to do so. Just please pray for Will and his family as they face this test. I will keep you updated as much as I can.

Secondly is Alisha Sidie. Alisha is a 27 year old mom of twins from right here in Wisconsin. She is missing and her babies need mommy back! Please look at the link, memorize her face and contact the Jackson County Sherrif's dept at (715) 284-5357 with any information if you have seen her or have any info!

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