Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last night I let the kids stay up late watching CNN with me to witness history. Although I had and continue to have my doubts as to Obama's ability to make the change he promises to this country, I am excited to see the change just his presence in the White house means for our children and future generations.

Starting today this country affords all children of color to dream and to fulfill their dreams. That is amazing. It wasn't long ago we were enslaving people, it wasn't long ago that even a white woman was not allowed a voice in what happens in this country, this election has changed all of that.

Unfortunately now we have a president that cares not about the life of a human child in his support of abortion, that worries me to no end. We also have a president that "sometimes" puts his hand over his heart and recites the pledge of allegience. That scares me too.

I cast my vote and I did my duty. Now let's hope he can do his.

Palin for 2012!!!

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Mary Ellen said...

Palin for 2012! I love her! She has my vote.

I, too, am worried about our President Elect's position on abortion, which he seems to think is okay until the 4th trimester.