Monday, November 24, 2008

sickies sickies everywhere!

So I've now been battling this cold since Wed night. Yesterday my coworker "strongly encouraged" me to just go home and sleep it off, which after trying to argue with her that I was perfectly fine I decided to just do because my poor patients were probably freaking out that I was going to share it with them with all my coughing. Hand sanitizer can only do so much. Plus the night before my sleep was pretty broken worrying about Jack who was spiking 103+ fevers, everytime I'd get it to come down he'd start shivering and it would race back up.

So I went home and got a little nap in and about 1:30 Jack started saying his neck hurt. Gave him some motrin at 2 and by 2:30 his temp was still over 102 and he was crying and asking to go to the DR (he HATES doctors remember) so I figured he must be feeling really awful.

Get him to the ER and we go through all the zillion questions. Jack is a really tough nut to crack sometimes because of his SID. He just doesn't feel things like we do. Turns out it's strep throat again! Joy.

Get his meds and the damn lady on the other end of the instymed machine phone can't speak or understand english. No ma'am, our insurance card doesn't HAVE an RX number. Yes, ma'am I know what an RX number is. No ma'am, there is no RX number. Ma'am, do you realize I look at insurance cards ALL DAY LONG?! I know where to look. Fine I'll pay for the damn medicine in cash.... yeah, have a nice goddamn day too.

So I get his meds and get home and Hailey says "hey mom, my throat really hurts" Greee-at. Guess the doc will be calling in a few more scripts before the week is out. Thankfully I don't have to bring them all in for cultures or I might kill myself.

So I'm home about 45 minutes and all of a sudden I feel as though I've been stabbed in the back ... in the kidney to be precise. A-HA! Kidney stone time. Great. So I call Craig and almost breathe out enough of a "" for him to get what I was saying and he says he'll be home asap. Took a crapload of Motrin and curled up in the fetal position on the recliner. It had eased a little by the time Craig got home so I popped an oxycodone and went to bed. Pain was gone by this morning YAY! So either it passed and is sitting in my bladder or it dropped back into the kidney to torture me another day, who knows. Either way, there's many more where that one came from to look forward to, joy. I'm thinking about finally caving in and agreeing to let my urologist hack my kidneys open and do away with em. Shudder.

In better news, our PS-1206 form was received by the State of Wisconsin dept of public instruction today! Which means tomorrow we clean out Austin and Hailey's lockers and begin homeschooling! Well, we've been teaching Hailey at home for nearly a week now, but now we're official! Woohoo. I don't think it will go well tomorrow. I'm not even holding out hope. Too bad I know what the law says about homeschooling and what my rights are. I'm actually figuring he'll make something up and call CPS and they'll be at my door before the holiday. Anything to stir up trouble.

Craig got ahold of the superintendant today about his talk with the principal on Thursday about the situation and I'm not sure what all was said but he sent me a text message that just as we suspected, the superintendant wasn't willing to do anything to keep her safe either. We tried every option we could think of anyway, no one can say we didn't do our best. And for the record, we STILL haven't heard anything about the charges.

However if they think it ends this simply they are horribly mistaken. I am writing a letters to the DPI, to Mrs. Mary Hubler (our state representative) and anyone else I can think of who won't tolerate violence being allowed in a public school. This time it's Hailey, and thank God we are able, due to commitment and work schedules, to remove her from that environment and spend our days teaching her at home where she feels safe. But what about the next kid? What if his or her parents can't, or won't? This cannot continue to be acceptable. It just can't.


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